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Web Development

Carve out a unique presence (Startup, SME or Enterprise) to showcase your capability while opening a two-way channel for all clients

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Mobile Development

Capitalize on exponential growth of smartphone adaptation and expand your business to users on Android and iOS platforms

AI Development

Apply the right AI models to the clients’ big data to increase revenue and cut costs or just to implement innovative solutions


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Smart Room Automation System


To design and develop mobile application to automate home equipment like light bulb, remote controller for L.P.N. Development, a publicly traded company in Thailand. The mobile app controls the equipment through a gateway either by cloud API or offline connection of the same network using MQTT protocol under encrypted communication.


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Logic Spark aims to deliver quality services that match your needs with what is feasible and practical to create the most impact for you. Because each organization is different, we meticulously research to devise bespoke solutions for your unique challenges.

We are a passionate team of consultants and developers that genuinely wish to spark your ideas into reality. Our team are multinational and culturally diverse across Asia with presence in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

Our team will do everything, from a concept, design, development to implementation and ongoing support. We take each project serious regardless of the scale and we will gladly continue to support you as long as you like!


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